Here are samples of my work and the work of my students:

Below is a condensed sample of my directing live basketball for Fox Sports Ohio in which the production crew were students from Northern Kentucky University (2018).

Below is an example of a sportsbreak produced by former student Chandler Blackmond. This was a coordinated project started by myself, students, and Brad Pope from NKU athletics (2019).

Below is an example of my sports field shooting skills. This was the game-clinching, Heisman Trophy-clinching, touchdown pass by Ohio State's Troy Smith to win the Ohio State (ranked #1) vs. Michigan (ranked #2) season finale showdown in 2006.

Below is the resume tape/demo reel of former student Alyssa Wolterman (2012).

Below is a news break produced and anchored by former student Caitlin Cetner and directed by former student Eric Edens (2012).

I was the advisor to student Tori Lentz who produced the news documentary below. Student Kasey Long contributed to this piece as the Director of Photography. This documentary won a "Mark of Excellence" Award from the Broadcast Education Association.

The sample below is of a news magazine program that my students did way back in the standard def days. This show is special to me in the fact many of the students who worked on it went onto careers in news. The anchor, Adam Marshall, has had a long career as a news man in Cincinnati and Dayton and the other anchor Galadriel Stineman has been a successful Hollywood actress.

And, below is an example of my "one-man band" days in 1997 as a local news reporter doing a news package.